Social media is for socializing of course, connecting with people, sharing pictures of your vacations, festivals etc. But it doesn’t end here.

With so many people reading your posts, liking or commenting you kind of create connections with them. So what is wrong if you want to leverage your connections to sell something? Social media is a great opportunity to earn money if used rightly.

However not everyone is able to attract a lot of customers or make good sales. So what are the things that can help you in utilizing your social account to make some money? The present article focuses on such some points. But before that what is required to ensure that you have a good following and can provide you good sales, let’s discuss:

  • Finalize your genre and stick to it – Don’t post random thoughts, links or information that doesn’t target any specific target. It is important that you focus on a single subject of your expertise or select a specific area to concentrate on. You should then fit all your posts apt for your selected genre.

For instance, if you love gadgets, create a social media account where in you can offer reviews and information on the latest gadgets displaying where to buy them. This will make your account a reliable source of information on electronics. Typically, this brings in lots of followers interested in this particular subject.

  • You should keep your account active – A passive account is good for nothing apart from meddling on what’s happening in other people’s lives.  If you intend to make money, your account has to be an active one. Now that does not mean that there have to be a lot of followers on each of your post but it provides a feeling that your account is real and trustworthy.

Having said that, don’t post anything or everything even if it is not relevant. Stick to the content which is appropriate and useful to your followers.

  • Stay updated with the latest trends – Social media is not constant for long. Something hit today can become old fashioned in a couple of days. And if you stay up to date with what is in trend, you are more liked when it comes to following.

Once you establish yourself in the above areas, you can utilize you social media account to start earning. Let’s now discuss a couple of ways that can prove fruitful in incurring decent revenue:

  • Promoting affiliate products – Irrespective of what segment you chose, there are a lot of great products to promote which you can chose from online selling portals such as Amazon. Becoming their associate and selling their products can earn you good commissions.

 Of course this can’t be done simply by posting their links on your account. Remember a product with a review is the best promoted. If you feel the product can be useful for your followers, your personal opinion and views based on your experience of the product would come across as real. The review should highlight both positives and negatives of the product.

Ensure that you disclose your affiliate relationships. It is a legal requirement in most cases, but more than that it’s a fair practice which is appreciated by the followers.

  • Promoting your own products – In case you already have a blog, and you’ve proven your expertise on a particular subject over a period of time, you have an opportunity to promote it by creating an ebook, audio program or video course to sell it to your audience.

Point to remember here is that people would read your page only if it has god quality information. So give that time and efforts to ensure that you not just promote it well but also create and design it aptly to be able to have good sales.

  • Promoting other products and services – If you have good following, this could be a good idea to bring in sales. There are different opportunities where in you can share sponsored posts which promote the products and services of other businesses.  

However over posting of such links can lead to your followers not liking your page and thus be careful in not overdoing it.  Ensure to post things also from the perspective of usefulness for your followers.

  • Promote your expertise or craftwork – Social media can act as a great place to procure leads if you are into handmade crafts, art work or consulting business such as a teacher of a particular subject or a life coach. If you have enough years of experience and have confirmed expertise in a specific area, you can use social platform to enhance your services by connecting with larger audience.

Displaying your hand made craft pieces on social media count can bring in sales if your followers appreciate your work.

  • Try Using YouTube Partner Program – This is one of the most potential income generating platforms.  However building a popular YouTube channel asks for a lot of work. No doubt there are noticeable YouTube content creators who have been successful in making substantial amounts of money with this program, but remember it takes a lot of time, strategy and also luck to make money on YouTube.

Nevertheless, if you have a good following, this is a good option to try.


Social media can definitely help you earn money if you use it rightly. The primary goal for you should be to keep you followers enticed with useful information.  It helps in building a strong relationship with them. Once your flowers start trusting you and your products/ services, they would not mind paying even extra for that.

But as with any other business, you need to be patient in this industry too. Give the requited time and efforts to make your account visible for the products that should be supported with healthy content , attractive pictures and unbiased opinions.